With the "cloudforest culture" project I created a visual journey through a fictional pre-columbian culture in the andin cloudforest. The chachapoya culture is the main ispiration source. Other south american cultures such as the incas, the huaorani and the yanomami served as reference as well.


As preparation for the project I did lot of research and shape and color studies.

As in many feudal cultures the first south american states were ruled by religious and military classes. The south american cultures are very interesting. They built empires without the invention of the wheel nor any form of written language. 

Since the cloudforest is inbetween the high andin regions and the amazon, the chachapoya controlled the trade between them.

Besides gold and silver, fine and colorful fabrics where the most valuable goods in those societies.

Below you see the design of the three main social classes of my project.

To create three main shots, wich capture as many aspects of the culture and the landscape as possible, was my main goal for the project.