"Horse Wisdome"

client: Christiane Löttgen


The task here was to create titel-images for different equine facilitated learning workshops. All of them are about self discovery and personal developement but with a slightly different focus. 

The work of Christiane Löttgen is impressive! She offers a great alternative approach to personal developement, any kind of personal problems or buisness coachings.  If you are curious you should check out her homepage -> Pferdeweisheit

"Schattenarbeit" (shadow-work) is about integrating dark and light parts of the personality into the daily life.

"E(In Sich)t" serves as a well rounded introduction to the work of Christiane Löttgen. It's about discovering unknown aspects of self-awareness.

"BurnOut Prophylaxe" is as well an introduction to this kind of personal developement work.

"Lebensträume" (lifetime dreams) is about remembering and rediscovering the dreams of your childhood.

"Führung" (guidance) rethinks the common known understanding of leadership. The subtitel "If you guide me I will guide you" already tells a part of this approach. It offers new mindsets for self guidance and social interaction. This might be interesting especially for people working in teams, a lot with clients or in leading position.

"Pferdeweisheit" (horse wisdome) is the most intense and the longest seminar that is offered. It is for people that are already familiar with this kind of self discovery and now are willing to make a long internal journey.